Low Vision Aids in Round Rock, Texas

At Complete Low Vision Care in Round Rock, TX, we offer a variety of low vision devices to cater to your individual vision needs and goals. During your low vision evaluation, we will demonstrate different types of low vision aids to determine the proper power and equipment that you require.

Our occupational therapist will arrange a follow-up visit with you to ensure that you are trained in the use of the devices that we recommend. These low vision aids act as a prosthetic for your eye, and we want you to be trained properly to ensure success.

Handheld magnifiers

Our handheld magnifiers are a great option for short, quick viewing tasks such as reading grocery labels or menus. They come in a variety of powers and styles, and we usually recommend the ones with built-in lights. Our prescription-strength magnifiers are much stronger than those found in local bookstores or online. While most people tend to ask for the strongest magnifier we offer, that may not be the best option, because as the power of the magnifier increases, the field of view decreases and a smaller field of view makes it harder to read.

Stand magnifiers

Stand magnifiers sit directly on a flat surface and are great for those who have difficulty holding a magnifier due to arthritis or a tremor. They come in different shapes and sizes and may have illumination.

Pocket magnifiers

Pocket magnifiers are compact and affordable, fitting easily into a pocket or purse. They are great for quick spotting tasks on the go but are not ideal for longer reading tasks.

Video magnifiers

Video magnifiers are the best option when higher levels of magnification are needed. They use a camera and video screen to allow for ranges from 3 times to over 50 times magnification and can adjust contrast and brightness for easier reading. Desktop and portable handheld versions are available, some with optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to scan and read to you.


Telescopes are used for seeing at a distance. For instance, if you have trouble seeing aisle names and numbers in the grocery store, this device will help you.

We can also mount telescopes into glasses for hands-free viewing. When telescopes are mounted into eyeglasses, the design is called bioptics. Bioptic telescopes can be prescribed for one or both eyes and are attached to regular eyeglasses. These telescopes function like binoculars, magnifying images and making them appear larger, thus making it easier to see.

OrCam MyEye

We also offer OrCam MyEye, a lightweight wearable camera that attaches to any pair of glasses.

It uses artificial intelligence technology to read printed text aloud from any surface and can recognize faces, product labels, money, colors, and more. It is designed for all ages and can be used with any level of vision loss or for those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Simple hand gestures and over 20 voice-activated commands are used, and no internet is required.

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Envision Glasses

Envision Glasses are a wearable assistive device that allows users to independently access the world around them in a way that is convenient, handsfree, and discreet. Features include:

Turning text into speech

They enable you to read and export all kinds of text from any surface in over 60 languages. It uses fast and accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read official documents, letters, street signs, handwritten cards, magazines, books and more. To read it later, you can export the text to have it saved offline in your personal Envision Library.

Scene recognition

Envision glasses can describe scenes, identify colors, detect the amount of light, and even recognize currency. Find the right items in your closet, go grocery shopping, and explore new places on your own.

Video calling

In a situation where you would prefer a person to assist you, you can also initiate a hands-free video call to someone you know straight from the Envision Glasses. Request friends, family, and colleagues to see what is in front of you through the camera on the Envision Glasses with the free Envision Ally app.

Find objects and recognize people

Looking for your keys, coffee cup, or the nearest trash bin? Need to identify your friend in a café or your colleagues at work? Scan your surroundings to have the device find what you are looking for.

Eyedaptic Glasses

Eyedaptic glasses optimize remaining vision for those with age-related macular degeneration and other low vision diseases. It uses augmented reality, users can see the full image in front of them and interact with those objects, without feeling like they are closed in, or inhibiting their peripheral vision.  Key features include autozoom mode, image stabilization, plain zoom mode, contrast enhancement, magnification up to 10x 

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